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Username: bulmabriefs144

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bulmabriefs144 - postet at 2019-10-20 18:57:42

Ahhh, I finally got it. It was something that didn't translate well at my end. I'll see about uploading some.

bulmabriefs144 - postet at 2019-10-20 18:50:58

To answer your question, I haven't figured out how... I click on Screen 1 it still says Upload Titlescreen.

bulmabriefs144 - postet at 2019-10-20 18:49:43

Ohh wow, there's a shoutbox!

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bulmabriefs144 - postet at 2019-08-24 18:25:30
Game: Oracle of Tao

I used InstallCreator to make these. Having tried with the default rpg2003 archiver and having my game often missing RTP files, I got fed up with this...


The lzh archiver also completely fails. When I check both checkboxes, it unpacks it in the orthodox method, skipping the fact that there are extra folders (thanks to DynRPG). It also adds crap to Programs list. I assume this is what you mean by littering the registry?

So next, I try making a straight up .zip file rather than an .exe installer. It unpacks as part of Running Actions, and it's kinda slow. It does in fact unpack everything though. The installer I've made doesn't even add to Programs list. If you desperately think it needs it, okay, but I feel like it's rather lackluster, and I've found that .zip files can sometimes get corrupted.

bulmabriefs144 - postet at 2019-08-23 20:31:49
Game: Oracle of Tao

See my Install note above. Also, Download 1.2 sucks (it starts in the debug room).

bulmabriefs144 - postet at 2019-08-22 22:12:06
Game: Alpaca

No comments available? I'm gonna write a comment! Don't try and stop me!

bulmabriefs144 - postet at 2019-08-22 20:17:13
Game: Oracle of Tao

I have a direct link to the latest update here.