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This game is a bit... different from my other games. It's not a super-mega-epic game. Instead, each episode is basically a bite-sized (although if I feel ambitious with one, I'm okay with making it much longer) mission. There are no grand villains, no massive sidequests, no heroic heroes, no treasure chests, or any of the other crap that gums up general storytelling. It's somewhere between an RPG and a visual novel, since the gameplay is secondary to choices made. Basically, I wanted a good clean story, and wanted to dispense with most of the extra padding.

The basic plot is sort of a cross between Tales From The Darkside and Shinigami no Ballad, a series of short stories centered around beings called Reapers. These beings personify segments of reality, and oversee the background of human affairs. When things go wrong, these Reapers come and try to fix things.

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