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This is basically a retelling of Japanese myth. It could be great, but the less than perfect battle mechanics and silly ending sequence make it a trash game. Along with the confusing gameplay and how easy it is to die.

In the beginning, there was darkness, stars, and an endless ocean. Amongst the first gods born were two siblings named Izanagi-no-Mikoto (male) and Izanami-no-Mikoto (female). They came down from heaven and created the first land by stirring the ocean with a spear, and after that, they built a house, got married, and made some babies. The first of these babies was the malformed fishing god. The next eight were the islands of Japan. They had many more children; however, Izanami died giving birth to the god of fire, Kagutsuchi and was sent to the underworld. Izanagi missed his wife and traveled there to retrieve her, to which she agreed on the condition that her husband was not to look at her until they reached the surface. Of course, he looked anyway and saw that she was now a ghastly, rotting corpse. Izanagi freaked out and ran away, rolling a boulder in front of the entrance in order to escape Izanami's wrath. Izanami promised that she would kill 1,000 people every day in revenge. Izanagi countered that he would create 1,500 people every day. And that was the end of their marriage.

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