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  • Hello! Let me start by apologising since I do not speak German, but I thought you guys might be interested in this! :)

    Going through some old files of mine, I found an old 2001 German rm2k screensaver and some old rm2k random game images.

    When I discovered RPG Maker back in 2002 I found a German rm2k website (sorry, I do not remember which!) and downloaded a couple of demos and Vampire's Dawn, but also a screensaver. At the time, Vampire's Dawn was one of the best RPG Maker games I had ever seen, even if I could not understand a word of it!

    I extracted the images from the screensaver for your viewing pleasure, because I know the screensaver won't work on most modern systems.

    I recognize a few games:

    Vampires Dawn - Reign of Blood RPGmaker Story Exile A Blurred Line Onyx Aurora's Tear Kindred Saga Phylomortis II

    But I have no idea about any of the other games in the screensaver, but maybe you guys will recognize them or even have some memories of such games.

    The other random images were also downloaded around the same time (for the most part) from several different rm2k websites (English, German and Spanish) of the era. There's even a small video preview of a Resident Evil style game!

    From these old images I recognize Aurora's Tear (all the "aurora" images) and Sistema de Batalla 2.0 by Ahruon (a really cool sideview Spanish system, image "Mooncry.jpg").

    I also included a translation of the German text (google translated though, so I apologise for any inaccuracies) in the screensaver.

    I wonder how many of these demos/games were released and how many were lost to time.

    You can get the images and screensaver here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/fw3v7ly8o4gslya/2001%20German%20rm2k%20screensaver.zip?dl=0

    I managed to keep 2 German tutorial games from then, you can get them here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/cjbn8b7elm466wk/German%20tutorialsl.zip?dl=0

    Some of you may recognize these, it would probably be cool to archive these.

    (you don't really need a dropbox account, simply close the login window and download the file using the button at the top left corner of the screen)

    I also posted this on RMN (rpgmaket.net).

    I hope you enjoy this.

  • First of all: Dude ... freakin WOW! Dropbox sucks for sharing images with others. I randomly skipped through them. And the only thing I know was "Tara's Adventure". Its last demo came out in 2018 with over 1500 maps ... currently 22 years in the making, LOL (It is game #63 here on RMA). You should use the search field in the upper right corner to search for the names of all your title screens.

    Dean von Clean
  • Thanks for the reply!

    Yeah, I was pretty surprised to have found such a "treasure".

    Sorry about Dropbox, I wrongly assumed other people would just download the ".zip" file and look through the images at their leisure. I don't have any other accounts to share images, what would you suggest in the future?

    It's really cool to know about "Tara's Adventure". That seems like a passion project!

    There's way too many game titles for me to search, but it's good to know that I can use the search bar if I need to find them, thanks!

    I just thought it was mindblowing to maybe have the last surviving proof that some of these games existed.

  • Hello and Welcome.

    Let me have a look for the Games in the Readme.

    Full Versions

    You can Download the second Titel of this Series here:
    there is a third Vampires Dawn title on steam. =)
    • 1 Titlescreen
      Ich hatte anfang des Jahres bereits die Idee, mal ein Roguelike auf dem Maker umzusetzen. Hatte auch ne Idee, wie das ganze aussehen würde, das scheiterte dann aber an einem dynamischen Shop. Bzw. dem Fehlen eines Plugins für so einen Shop. Sowas hab ich zwar in der Form, wie ich es haben wollte, immer noch nicht, ab...
      release date: 2016-12-12 hinzugefügt 6 years ago Rate Up - Rate Down AVG: 0.00  Rate Neutral
    • 0 Titlescreen
      Back when people were desperate for sideview battles. Seemingly takes elements from a certain beloved Squaresoft game. The flow of this demo is interesting though. Most memorable area of the game is the Samurai Butterfly song played in the city area. It’s forever deep in my brain. Thanks game, thanks....
      release date: 2002-01-22 hinzugefügt 2 years ago Rate Up - Rate Down AVG: 0.00  Rate Down
    and the second title from this series
    • 1 Titlescreen
      Evan Selwyn saved the world one year ago, but a recent trend in cult-like murders has prompted him to duty. Can Evan put a stop to these twisted murders, and who is the mysterious kid who claims to know him from long ago...? All of this and so much more in the conclusion of the Onyx Saga. Features: -A dark, ever-...
      release date: 2007-02-22 hinzugefügt 2 years ago Rate Up 1 - Rate Down AVG: 1.00  Rate Up


    • 0 Titlescreen
      The story is set in a semi-futuristic / medieval world where machines meet magic. The game begins with the introduction to 3 seperate tales, each with it's own protagonist. When evil is amidst, these 3 have a kind of bond that seems to call them together to fight the enemy. However, each ends up in their own tangle on ...
      release date: 2002-05-21 hinzugefügt 4 years ago Rate Up - Rate Down AVG: 0.00  Rate Down
    • 1 Titlescreen
      Eine Legende besagt dass die Menscheit aus einer Träne der Göttin Aurora entstanden sei. Zu dieser Zeit sandte sie sechs Engel auf die Erde, die den Menschen den Unterschied zwischen Gut und Böse beibringen sollten. Doch die Menschen neideten die Macht der Engel, und in ihrer Gier begannen sie einen Krieg gegen die ...
      release date: 2001-01-07 hinzugefügt 6 years ago Rate Up 1 - Rate Down AVG: 1.00  Rate Up
    • 0 Titlescreen
      Ihr spielt Slaine, einen kleinen Dieb, der mit seinem Kollegen Lance in eine riesige Kette von Ereignissen verwickelt wird. Kindred Saga ist zur Zeit DAS Top-Spiel aus dem Amiland, es hat ein eigenes Kampfsystem, eins der besten, das es zur Zeit gibt, ein gutes (teilweise eigenes) Menü und lauter neuer kleiner Icons. ...
      release date: 2001-07-19 hinzugefügt 6 years ago Rate Up - Rate Down AVG: 0.00  Rate Neutral
    Now the complete Phylomortis Series
    • 0 Titlescreen
      Der erste und älteste Teil von RPG Advocates Phylomortis-Reihe....
      RPG Advocate
      release date: 1999-10-15 hinzugefügt 3 years ago Rate Up - Rate Down AVG: 0.00  Rate Down
    • 1 Titlescreen
      Es geschah völlig unerwartet, als überall auf der Welt in den Menschen längst verlorengegangen geglaubte Gene im Erbgut aktiv wurden und einen Großteil der Menschen zu verschiedensten Monstern und Kreaturen mutieren ließ. Ab diesem Ereignis, dem Phylomortis, sollte ein neues Zeitalter beginnen. Phylomortis II ist ...
      RPG Advocate
      release date: 2001-05-02 hinzugefügt 6 years ago Rate Up - Rate Down AVG: 0.00  Rate Neutral
    • 0 Titlescreen
      Der letzte Teil der Phylomortis-Reihe von RPG Advocate...
      RPG Advocate
      release date: 2005-09-11 hinzugefügt 3 years ago Rate Up - Rate Down AVG: 0.00  Rate Down
    • 0 Titlescreen
      release date: 2001-07-02 hinzugefügt 6 years ago Rate Up - Rate Down AVG: 0.00  Rate Down
    • 0 Titlescreen
      Ryu, des legendären Drachen Tyrannis Sohn, ist auf der Suche nach dem Mörder seines Vaters, der zugleich der mächtigste Mensch der Welt ist....
      Shadow Gokou
      release date: 2002-03-30 hinzugefügt 6 years ago Rate Up - Rate Down AVG: 0.00  Rate Neutral
    • 0 Titlescreen
      Lange Zeit führten die Menschen Schreckliche Kriege untereinander. Die einst stolzen und mächtigen Königreiche Krelon, Mystica Gernoa und Gartusch zerfielen zu mehreren kleinen Staaten... Eines Tages fiel ein riesiger Feuerball im ehemaligen Königreich Krelon vom Himmel und spaltete es in 4 Teile. Vulkane brachen a...
      release date: 2001-06-18 hinzugefügt 6 years ago Rate Up - Rate Down AVG: 0.00  Rate Neutral

    Only some Examples. This Screenshots are interesting because i can add some of this games to the missing games List.

  • Hello! Wow, thanks!

    Thanks for all the information!

    I know a bit about the Vampire's Dawn series. The first one is definitely an rm2k German classic!!

    I've played all of QHeretic's demos, which are still very impressive. There's a little known demo which is also called Kindred Saga but has a medieval setting (instead of steam-punk) and a different side-view battle system. RMN has that one in their old games topic, should you want to check it: https://mega.nz/file/YSQADJYR#VyYAvHJ2tT1i2a1BdydlVEwVxnFEXesgKrbbFxfLr78

    I'm familiar with Phylomortis and the various versions/sequels, but I have not played them yet.

    All the others were new to me! It's good to know that some of these games can still be found today.

    Cool! At least you can add some new names to the missing games list, that's the stort of thing I had in mind when I shared these images. I went through the list but unfortunately I do not have any of those games.

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