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The story is set in a semi-futuristic / medieval world where machines meet magic. The game begins with the introduction to 3 seperate tales, each with it's own protagonist. When evil is amidst, these 3 have a kind of bond that seems to call them together to fight the enemy. However, each ends up in their own tangle on the same day...and soon each person's story develops into a epic battle tale. The complete story begins 10 years before the present day, when a power hungry emporer comes close to taking over the world. His want for power also drives the children he kidnapped to serve him to assassinate him to phase in a new era of peace. The day this occurred was furthur known as the Medlahm Assassination, and the ringleader of this faction was Xelan. He lead this faction named Sabre to become the new leader of the world capitol, Imanene.

10 years pass and Sabre becomes no better than Medlahm's empire, but they disguise their want for power with the promise of a "world peace establishment". The organization spreads worldwide and soon many live in fear of them.

Now the encounters with Sabre these 3 heroes have will change how they see the world forever.


Cyrus Xavier- The dark lone traveller in search of his sensai. He takes no shit from anyone and move along as he sees fit. He only lends his attention to others when in a time of need or urgency. But what does he seek from his sensai, and what does his symbol signify? His symbol of the Guardian of Earth...what significance does it have?

Ria Fairchild- Her job as a mineral scientist ends fast when an incident in a local mine drives her to kill her two bodyguards...or so the records say? Is this a mysterious power she has and what caused the entire chain of events to happen that day? She is seeking answers...and may unfortunately find one.

Jack Veneiron- Jack is an energetic country boy who, on the day of his phasing into manhood ends up finding a sword in the forbidden cave when he sees a vision of a young girl heading into it. The sword, according to local legends draws into the bearer a curse, but is it true? He is exiled for his disobedience and thus begins his quest for an answer...what the sword really means...and who was the girl he saw in that vision.

Laina Sherta- Jack's childhood friend who lives in Freegulch with him. But there is still less she knows about him then she thinks. She bumps into him at a later time when she is hired for a private mission.

Wolfeye Delz- Someone who met Ria about 5 years before her incident in a bar party. But he thinks there is something between them, and maybe there is, but Ria doesn't realize it. Her mind is on other things. Despite his powerful fighting style and cool attitude, he is really a screw up and a geek at times.

Marcus Omaron- An escaped slave of the Sabre Military, he barely survives the escape, only having to run into a fight for the lives of an entire city alongside Cyrus. When things get ugly, his unique fighting style and knowledge of mechanics get him out of trouble.

Lt. Vindelle- A master psychologist and an interrogator for the Sabre SOC. He is fabled to be able to bring the strongest to their knees in tears with his words alone. His powerful techniques are a strength on their own, too.

Feil Donmarcus- The stealth informant of Sabre. He has never once been caught in action, and the day he does, he vowed to throw in the towel and quit forever. Is it a wish to quit knowing he finally could be caught by someone or is it just a curse following him that he's dying to rid himself of?

Cameron Akayla- The SOC heavy weapons specialist. She can craft any powerful weapon out of anything she has, and some of her best weapons are recorded in history to be the most powerful. Some include the Flazer Grenade and the Imperial Railer.

Victor Drakkan- Victor is a man from Cyrus's past. He hides behind the mask of a samurai, and does not show respect for anyone. It is not realized yet, but the evil in him is so great he wishes to destroy the world itself to prove something...but what?

Xelan Valor- Xelan is the assassin who slain Medlahm during his rule. He now rules the forces of Sabre and aims to establish peace across the world. But his methods aren't working...could there be a need for some outside influence?

Chuck Rencolat- A travelling and well known Guildman. He is known for his great ability to create new ores and etc, and was the first to discover the Lv. 3 ores in the world. But his great intelligence might even be of some help to Jack later on. Both are adventuring, and will bump into each other a lot.

Kinikaron- An elfman who pays no respect to anyone, and is somewhat of a smart-ass. He lives in the underworld, Gartha where the Hydra of Ruin resides. Even though he doesn't speak their language, Jack and his friends seem to understand him clearly. And why can Cyrus seem to communicate fine with him?

Gabriel- A man of ancient legend who drew a magic and ruined sword to slay a beast that emerged from the evil of the world long, long ago. Sacrificing himself he destroyed the beast and with the help of the Goddess also sealed away the force that created the beast. Since that day the universe was split in two seperate realities.

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