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Once there was only one planet in the system: Gayarra. 2 cultures lived on it, 2 gods watched over them. The wars between the 2 factions just didn't end... just like in every other German standard REFMAP RPG.

It was a time when the gods walked onto the surface to lead their people into the battle..

Nobody seemed to win. Deaths followed deaths. Pain followed pain. And so the gods played a deadly game whose loser had to leave the planet along with his people. The people of "Astroma" suffered that fate, still their goddess "Syphilis" refused to move her people to another planet. Her rage separated the planet into 2, so her people stayed on the planet which was near to the sun while the other people of "Veinarra" had to stay on a planet of darkness.

Though a Warp Crack was left which could not be closed forever. Each decade it openes itself for 1 day only, and builds a connection between the two planets. The goddess visits her planet at that day in each decade to close the crack for the next 10 years. She announced some of her people so called "Protectors" who have the task to watch the crack each day, just in case...

The present, the year 2003 after Gayarra's creation... The young Protector "Aorta", an elf, lives on the light planet which is "Astroma". People there have an easy life. So she spends all day smoking, taking drugs, drinking and having sex, just because there is nothing else to do except looking for the crack from time to time.

But now the time has come again! The goddess' visit is right before us after 10 years of absence. however she does not appear this time... incredibly ugly demons are coming out of the crack and start hunting the Protectors to conquer Astroma!


  • lots of dicisions which differ the story heavily
  • different endings
  • tons of blood
  • original music
  • revolutionary battle system
  • awesome story
  • riddles
  • creature almanach
  • lots of Roco. Chrono Trigger and REFMAP edits
  • hidden guest roles and celebrities
  • many sexy artworks
  • TODO: no_user_credits_added
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Zaeed - postet at 2020-07-24 23:26:54

Amüsant und ein Spiel der etwas anderen Art. Allerdings hat dieses Spiel nicht diesen Arschtritt wie bei Deathbrush, Blood, Grimorium oder Postal, der Grenzen überschreitet. Sex wird zwar im Spiel mit thematisiert aber es wird nur darüber gesprochen wie "der Typ, mit dem ich schlechten Sex hatte", "ich erkenne ihn an seinem kleinen Dick" etc., Wer auf Sexszenen hoffte wird hier enttäuscht. Das Spiel hätte in der Beziehung noch Potenzial gehabt, was man leider nicht ausnutzte. Ich nehme an, der Ersteller wollte gewisse Richtlinien in einem der größten Makerforen bewahren, um seine Beziehungen und Drähte dort nicht zu zerstören.

Raven - postet at 2022-04-08 04:24:32 up

Heldenstaub reimagined?

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