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TheRpgmakerAddict - postet at 2021-04-10 21:08:49
Game: Skydancer Rate Up

A violent postapocalyptic martial arts adventure inspired by Fist of the North Star anime series. Pretty cool, even if I was not a fan of the combat system.

TheRpgmakerAddict - postet at 2021-03-31 20:43:23
Game: Neo Jado Rate Up

Ok, let's forget all you know aboud Jrpg and Rpgmaker games: here you won't have a party to manage, levels, equipment and items will be rare and they have a small impact on the gameplay (you can kill one enemy in one blow instead of two, but that's not an issue!) but you will have a lot to read. But hey, writing is really good, there are a TON of characters and you will play several of them in different sections, and the story is unlike every other I've seen, full of intrigues, weird situations and sometimes humor.

TheRpgmakerAddict - postet at 2021-03-23 14:13:29
Game: Retsu Arashi Psychic Storm Rate Up

Old classic Rm2k game about martial arts. It's a complete adventure with some nice puzzles and little minigames, but a bit boring for what concerns combat during the final parts of the game. Good graphic style and sprites (edits from Rage of the Dragons and Garou mark of the wolves) anyway, a real classic from 2005.

TheRpgmakerAddict - postet at 2021-03-11 15:32:01
Game: The Maid of Fairewell Heights Rate Up

A cute and funny game by the maker Nora masterfully translated in english by The American fan translation group, Memories of Fear (that also did Purgatory and Pugatory 2). This is a small but really fun game about a maid with many easy minigames and weird adventures.

TheRpgmakerAddict - postet at 2021-02-26 14:27:23
Game: Fragile Hearts 2 Rate Up

Another cheesy anime rpg adventure You can import the savegame with the choices and endings from the first game to continue the adventure!