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Once there was a secret island called "Antiarctica", somewhere deep beyond the sea. Nobody knew about its existence and the children who lived there didn't even know that there was a huge world outside of their home.

One day the evil pirate Captain Manfred found Antiarctica and tried to conquer it. Unfortunately for him the kids manage to kill him... they used his ship to leave the island forever and to explore the world! They soon recognized that they couldn't find their home anymore, so there was no going back to Antiarctica. And so its existence became a legend... a legend of the paradise itself, an unreachable one. Still a lot of people are trying to find it and there are a lot of rumours and maps about how to reach the island, but after all noone ever made it.

Little Deacon and his friends are also sailing the ocean to find Antiarctica believing they are the descendants of the infamous children from the legend about the island.

One day they are attacked by a mysterious pirate ghost/ghost pirate who kills nearly all of them and kidnaps Deacon female friend Tantra. Deacon awakes on an unknown island. Having no more ship or anything he wants to save Tantra and to make that ghost pay.

Beitrag für den Hohe See Contest 2009.

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Raven - postet at 2022-03-15 23:38:01 Rate Up

Affentittengeile Inhalte, schalkhafte Schreibart und PORNO-Mapping vom Feinsten!

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