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It's another day in Bowser's Castle. The Koopa King is recanting his past glories to a script toad (stolen of course) as suggested by his advisor Kammy Koopa. It's going rather poorly. A Koopa servant bursts into the room with urgent news: "Your Ruthlessness, there are some weird things going down in the dungeon!" Annoyed with the incompetence of his minions, King Bowser heads down the fix the problem with Kammy right behind him. Little did they know that this little disturbance would become a big problem, and Castle of the Koopa would soon be the stage for the fight fate of their world!

Discover the history and mystery of the 8 Starlites and the powers they hold. Team up with friends, foes, and new acquaintances as you all work together to stop a new threat!

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SuperSebbl - postet at 2020-11-04 16:19:19 Rate Up
Seankoops - postet at 2023-07-02 01:56:22

Unfortunately the link doesn't work anymore. I hope someone re uploads soon enough :(

Seankoops - postet at 2023-07-02 01:56:54

Unfortunately the link doesn't work anymore. I hope someone re uploads soon enough :(

Peperoni - postet at 2023-07-02 15:47:25

Just downloaded the game for test purposes; link seems to work fine generally. (?)

Seankoops - postet at 2023-07-06 21:50:54

I just finally managed to download it.

A few days ago I tried the link and it redirected me to a forum blog website where it said the post no longer existed and I tried several times on different devices assuming it was probably just me. After tying and failing it never worked. Hence why I commented my comment (twice on accident) God i'm so glad i managed to download it. Can't wait to play it! Thanks to the dude on reddit for telling me I was wrong lol

20Sunth - postet at 2023-07-20 21:04:06

Hi everyone Can you please help me i want so much to test this game but the link isn't working. I tried to download it by romstation it works but there is no text, a zone for text but no text. The game is great with really good graphics but no text so if someone could help me (Sorry for my bad english) I really hope someone could help me thank you

Peperoni - postet at 2023-08-08 19:07:39

There's a folder named Fonts - Install These Before Playing.

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