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To those who value peace and prosperity for their town and city, On the night of December the Twenty-Sixth, outside of the City Hall of Tombstone, my daughter Lera Ruder was abducted by outlaws or renegades unknown, for reasons of equal mystery. A ransom note has been sent, asking for $4,000 for her return in Safety. I implore, to anyone who will but lend me the time, that she be Rescued with utmost Haste. For this service of Heroism, I offer the sum of $1,500 for her safe return and rescue, along with my eternal and undying Gratitute. -Joseph Ruder, Mayor of Tombstone City -signed

The year is 1873. Law-enforcement is non-existant in the small trail town of Tombstone, Texas. Bandits, drunkards, crooked gamblers, and killers walk undeterred. Crimes are committed without regard to consequences, because there ARE no consequences.

Enter Mardsen Dustine. With his handful of allies, he is charged with clearing out the filth from Tombstone. Each month of the year 1873, you'll bring in various bounties and wanted men, cuminating each month with a showdown with a particularly dangerous opponent. As you progress and your fame grows, the rewards you reap will grow as well - but so will your notoriety and the danger it entails. Can you survive a year in the West?

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