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Aeons ago, four great beings stepped through a great breach in the fabric of space, claiming their new world and all its inhabitants as their own. They were heralded as gods, and under their rule civilization prospered for generations. Now one man seeks to bring through a fifth being; one greater than all the others combined, one who would exert his dominance completely. He has resurrected a long dormant cult to help him achieve his aims, and now is only missing one thing: a certain disciple of the four extant gods, who is fated to be the key to his success...

Evoker is an obvious nod to the SNES greats. It features a huge and diverse cast of characters, a detailed story, and a bevy of secrets to find. Although it resembles certain games, it isn't a fangame, although its gameplay will be immediately familiar to anyone who has played the first six Final Fantasies. My goal was to make a game that felt as close to the original masterpieces as possible, with special attention paid to the smaller details. I eschewed custom systems to focus my time on creating more content, and as a test to see how far I could push the default systems of Rm2k3.

The game plays most similarly to FF4, looks most similar to FF5, and has a cast of characters as diverse as FF6.

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TheRpgmakerAddict - postet at 2021-10-31 15:19:55 up

A classic jrpg inspired by FFIV and FFVI. This is a demo but it is pretty long, don't expect just one hour of gameplay!

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