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Midnight Train is a mystery/adventure game with horror elements made using RPG Maker VX Ace. The game is focused on puzzles, exploration and story. It also features other gameplay mechanics like protecting your companion, making deductions and avoiding traps. Steampunk aesthetic is the main inspiration for this game.

"Luna is a traveler that is looking for a certain place. Suddenly, while she’s traveling in a train, the people around her disappear and the train stops in a mysterious place. She finds there a pocket watch with some instructions; she needs to find the next train before time runs out or she will be trapped in that world forever."

Luna is a mute girl that communicates using a notebook. She will meet Neil in the train, a boy who wants to be a detective and is in the same situation as her. He’s naive and weak, Luna will protect and help him during dangerous situations. But he’s good at solving puzzles and riddles, so he will help Luna when she needs help. They complement each other!


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