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In the ancient days, magic was a myth, a story told to frighten children and fleece fools out of their hard earned silver. Not all stories stay myths forever, though, and the world changed when a new moon appeared in the sky, bringing with it a very real power... and a very real cataclysm. From the ruins of the old orders arose new ones, who struggled against one another until a balance was found. Eventually, peace replaced war, and magic found a place in society outside the dark corners of the land.

Moonsong begins alongside great events which will undoubtedly change the world once more. Take control of a band of outcasts as they struggle to understand their role in the conflict and the scope of the perils which face them. From humble beginnings in the back country of a mighty kingdom, they will embark on an adventure that will take them all across the land- and through no shortage of danger- as they attempt to counter the growing darkness.

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