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SkyD is Set in a hypothetical post-atomic Japan in the year 2104 in a dystopian future where anarchy reigns. The island is full of destroyed villages (do you like fist of the north star\Hokuto no ken? Well Skydancer is the perfect game for you) with just one civilized metropolis called:Neo Tokyo ruled by a self-proclaimed emperor: Seijuro Godha, who easily obtained the consent of its inhabitants with a promise to restore the island to its original pre-war splendor through a precisely very ambitious reconstruction project called: Heaven Prime.

You will play as a Tatsuke Sanji, some kind of future samurai stereotype equipped with a futuristic version of a lightsaber and a mecha arm, along with Shin Tanaka, a fearsome master of a deadly martial art that involves the use of Ki's energy to hit his opponents: the "Denryoku jutsu". Their stories, initially unconnected will intertwine giving rise to what is the main plot of Skydancer.

The battle system provides many features such as the innovative use of the directional keys in combat, to create more powerful combos to hit more times the selected enemy and causing more damage in a single turn; a level up system "chessboard like" (very similar to one seen in final fantasy x) a completely custom menu and many other features minutely described in the tutorial of the game (protoshell system, fatality system to get more exp in battle etc ...).

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TheRpgmakerAddict - postet at 2021-04-10 19:08:49 Rate Up

A violent postapocalyptic martial arts adventure inspired by Fist of the North Star anime series. Pretty cool, even if I was not a fan of the combat system.

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