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The nations of Aggreiok and Nagaryu have been fighting for ages. While Aggreiok has always led battle with swords and military waves, Nagaryu employees have been studying the art of war the entire time.

Led by one Élan Geoffrey, the study led to nuclear bombs, a weapon that could finally end the feud and destroy Aggreiok. When Dr. Élan introduced the nuclear bomb to President Nagaryu, the President thought of how horrible that would be. He didn't want to hurt the people of Aggreiok, just their leaders. Jenison, the president's son and an overall selfish person, pleaded with his father to use the nukes. But the President wouldn't have it no matter how much Jenison argued and begged. Three days the fights continued, until President Nagaryu came down with the horrible Ki Clotts disease.


modern :: military :: war :: RPG :: Adventure :: Demo :: Krieg
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TheRpgmakerAddict - postet at 2021-02-04 19:31:16 up

A demo divided into various part in which we play as various characters. The protagonists are two brothers that will find each other on the opposite side of a raging war.

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