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The game Mass Effect Chronicles is a fan-game based on Mass Effect 1 and Mass Effect 2 (© Bioware / EA Games ).

The Normandy has been destroyed and Commander Shepard, the hero of the battle for the Citadel is assumed to be 'killed in action'. The devastating news is soon forgotten as you are swept up in the events that follow. Engage in battle against yet unknown forces or simply try to do your best to stay alive through it all, it's up to you. Recruit a team to stand by your side as you explore the galaxy and unravel the mysteries that lie ahead.

Mass Effect Chronicles is a free fan-made RPG that is completely compatible with the canon of the Mass Effect universe, and features the events that took place between Mass Effect 1 and 2 from the eyes of a turian, a salarian and an asari.

In the alpha, you follow Vazill Korturus, a turian Hierarchy soldier who arrives at the Citadel to take care of some personal business and ends up with more questions and enemies than he wished for. It includes the entire Intro Project so far, and game mechanics such as, combat, space exploration, ground exploration, cutscenes, a morality system, an inventory, achievements and more!

The alpha comes with it's own artbook and a manual. Have fun with the alpha, but remember to check our site for more updates, since some of the patches will continue the story as we develop the rest of the Projects.

Keep in mind that this project is a WIP and some things are just placeholders (e.g. the sprites and facesets don't always match.)

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