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Asylum of pleasure & pain is a psychological horror ADV/RPG happening sometimes in the real world or an imaginary world created by a girl, Lara Ixora who is one of the many individuals who were granted unknown and forbidden powers such as immortality,The power to turn fiction into reality and the power to control Chaos. This game is highly influenced by two canceled games,Citadel of the whore & Killer7 SINdrome.The title "Asylum of pleasure & pain" is influenced by the youtube video Bedlam of pleasure and pain.Some pictures in this game were ripped from a Japanese game called the silver case AKA Silver Jiken.

MA 17+ Strong language Nudity Violence Extreme blood & gore. Mild suggestive themes.

Clarise:She is an angel who was assigned to rescue a boy named James from his demise. The angel Clarise also introduces James to the insane world named Nerema which was named after the mother of a girl named Lara Ixora.

James:James,(19 yrs)Is a boy working undercover for an Elite security organization named the E.N.S.D.Sadly James soon finds out that all he did was grant extra time for the organization and all his missions were forged in a meeting in a library which was reported *being attacked by terrorists.*During that mission they told him the truth about his missions and they eventually killed him.When he was killed,Clarise rescued his soul from rotting in hell for eternity.

Klaus:Klaus is Claris's apprentice.He is the only one in the team who knows the "Truth" Behind what is happening.Klaus practices black magic like using the powers of Hell. Klaus has a special ability which is that he can summon a demon named Anthrax who has the power to unleash Chaos on one enemy in a battle.

Anthrax:Anthrax is a demon who was granted the power to control chaos and unleash it one enemy during a battle.Within the team only Klaus can summon him.Unfortunately Anthrax is a demon created from the evil of somebody else named Xed.

Lara Ixora:Among all the people residing in the asylum,Lara is the only one who was born in the asylum.Because everybody there loved her,The entities who live deep down in the asylum have granted her protection and the ability to create an imaginary world where she can pull people into and creat certain imaginary individuals too. On her chest there is a summoning circle which if she ever dies,then an uncontrollable/invincible monster will emerge from her chest and might even destroy the world.

Xed:He's the new leader of the E.N.S.D corporation. He refers to Clarise as an "insane bitch" and he thinks that she has a connection with Lara Ixora somehow.

General Sayaka Kisumi:He's the general of the beta squad of the E.N.S.D. Plenty of times he's seen betraying his comrades.

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TheRpgmakerAddict - postet at 2020-12-25 21:28:01 up

Asylum of Pleasure and Pain is one of the strangest horro/surreal Rm2k3 games ever made (together with Killer7 SINdrome, Daydream Cafe, Citadel of the Whore and The Lover's Final Ballad, games now impossible to find but there are videos on youtube). The game is a mess both for story and gameplay, there are many characters and the story makes little sense. Oh and there are several saves since the game is glitchy/bugged in some parts and I had no time to fix/modify it! You are warned! WARNING: This game deals with topics such as War, Kidnappings, cults, religion, Organ trafficking, sex, assassinations, politics, genocide and some parts may be considered cruel.

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