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Sequel To Lost Legacy - An Animania Story. A Game By Mayoranime Aka Christian Roule

“What happens when you draw in your final breath and expire, leaving the world of life behind you, and traveling into the greatest unknown of all times - death? Where do our minds go? What about our spirits? And do we really have a soul? Do we go to Heaven? Hell? Or do we simply cease to exist? But things are never what they seem...for death is not an end, but a beginning, and as Anime awakens in a black void, his memories and identity gone, he begins a journey so terrifying, a journey that will bring him so deep within himself, so naked before the truth, that to fail is not an option. For when you are dead, the only thing left...is Oblivion...”

You play as Anime, a young man with no recollection of his past, who is thrown into a mysterious, confusing, and chaotic journey that will either salvage or destroy him. After his death, Anime finds himself in Threshold Manor where he must traverse 13 different areas and worlds of the mansion, discovering secrets about his previous life and the people that were a part of it. Along the way, he meets several new faces, some out to help him, some to hinder him, and others to destroy him.

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