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Kamaus RM2k3-Remake des ersten Teils der Legion Saga.

Experience the original Legion Saga adventure with improved graphics, sound, music, storyline, characters and more. New Legionnaires to find and recruit including both playable and characters who will add to the castle. More mini-games to play including more duels and wars (both will have improved engines) and more games to play with Kinuba. Multiple endings as in the original, plus new endings and storyline routes. New Orbcraft system: Orbs come in two varieties, attack and defense. You will learn new skills depending on where you put the Orb, and also depending on your character's magic stats. RPG Maker 2003's new side-view battle system with the ATB gauge.

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frankenfran - postet at 2021-05-17 11:58:24 down

Sterbenslangweiliges Refmap geshake.

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