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Here I am cruel world. I’ve come to rescue you, can you hear me? Can you feel the utter desolation of the planet’s life force? I can. I can feel it crying out to me. It beckons me to unlock the secrets of its doom, a doom that shall befall all of us one day if not stopped.

But now I’m here, at the Tomb of the Messiah. What is it that lurks within these ruins? Is it what I’ve been looking for? Is it Him? You know who I’m talking about, don’t you? The King of Kings, the Holy and Anointed One, our Saviour and Messiah. You still don’t remember? Perhaps you were too young.

I am the galaxy’s last hope of survival. I, and only I, will awaken the one true God that we have all mistaken for the Fates poisoning the throne of the Kingdom of Heaven. Man has been unfortunate, not able to see the path towards Miracles, Atonement and Grace. Don’t worry, Father, I will not fail you. I will bring you back to this world, even if that means destroying it to begin anew.

  • Zephyrus Isaiah

Zephyrus Isaiah, the Ruler of Rhea, is haunted by the galaxy he lives in. He can’t help but feel the pain and suffering of the mysteriously destroyed planet, Judas. On the other planets, Rhea and Arcadia, he is disgusted by the people and their traditions. But most of all—he’s disgusted by their religion. In Zephyrus and the Kingdom of Heaven, join Zephyrus and his son, Aegis Isaiah, as they both uncover the secrets of their galaxy and fight for what they believe in. In faith I stand!


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Maturion - postet at 2020-02-11 16:44:17 up

Ziemlich gutes RM2k3-Spiel. Der Entwickler hat übrigens schon 2000 "Unforgiven Quest" gemacht, damals allerdings noch nicht unter seinem Nick.

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