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The story of Dragonball SS takes place on a planet called Slump and starts off with Goku finding himself on this strange planet. It seems these people have been watching him and his various adventures and were so intrigued by the Dragonballs they tried to create their own. The problem was when they summoned their Shen Lon it was evil and wouldn't grant anyone a wish. He seized control of the planet and gave the seven Slump Dragonballs to his generals. The people of a small town known as Takira was one of the last places outside of Shen Lon's grasp so they built a transporter and brought the only ones they could think of to help them, the Super Saiyans. Unfortunately the transporter wasn't perfect and Gohan, Trunks, and Vegeta ended up in other parts of Slump trying to stop Shen Lon their own way. Goku was brought to the right place but somehow he had lost his ability to go Super Saiyan, as had his friends. So he set out on regaining his power, finding his friends, and stopping Shen Lon.

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