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Castlevania - Sonata in Red is a turn-based RPG made in RPG Maker 2003 (Tsukuru version). It is a fangame based on the classic Castlevania series that breaks from the usual side-scroller aspects. It is a blend of jRPG and series staples, set with a dark atmosphere that is quite decent for a game of its vintage.

It is The Year 1666, and Dracula's Castle has risen once more. Allan Belmont steps forth to take down the Lord of Darkness once more, in the hopes of locating a lost friend, Helena, who disappeared around the time the Castle came back.

The game does have issues with crashing randomly, so saving at every chance is recommended. Despite this and some of the graphical pixellation, it's a pretty fun game that blends the feel of Castlevania with jRPG systems pretty well.

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