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This game is based on the arcade classic ''Donkey Kong'' and its remake for the GameBoy.

You are the mountaineer ''Deacon Messner'' who wants to rescue the standard princess who was kidnapped by that retarded freak known as ''The Yeti'', the infamous mysterious snow creature. Play Messner (the hunter) and the Yeti (the hunted) alternating to beat 4 crazy levels on the ''Mount Everchest'' which are full of traps and reach the final battle. The game contains lots of unlogical things and opposites like the existence of fire right besides ice. Luck is an important factor in this game. More than skills. The difficulty of the levels changes. But there are savepoints before each level and no annoying game over screens.

Save after the credits and see how often you died under ''De'' in your final save slot. The current record is 8 tries.

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