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The year is 2011, and a terrible infection has spread across the United States.

The infection was airbourne as well as highly contagious. Symptoms were similar to the flu, including high fevers, vomiting, coughing, as well as a general weakening of the immune system. Due to this epidemic, the US began to collapse. Hospitals were overrun with infected patients, plants and livestock began to perish, which led to the economy's failure. All of the military bases were facing difficulties trying to quarantine the disease, even failing to stop the infection from spreading within their own ranks. There seemed to be no answer, and no cure...

But the worst was yet to come.

It was roughly a week before those who were unfortunate enough to become infected began to show enormous amounts of hostility to family, freinds, and strangers alike. This single infection brought down the entire USA from the inside, as its own citizens were murdering each other out of an unexplained rage.

It's been four weeks since the infection began. Those who were neither killed nor infected have held out and survived in shelters in cities, towns, and rural areas using any means necessary.

Now, follow the story of two survivors as they attempt to survive Hell on Earth.

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