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Niggaz vs Satan (NvS fort short), a funny title to begin with... The "Niggaz" (even though they're all white, don't ask) are the heroes of the game, that is to say Don Miguel and pals. And erm "Satan", well it's Satan, the red guy with horns, you know... The story takes place in Russia at our time, and features characters and place that really exist. The game has a special enough humor that I like, with a lot of weird situations, even though you don't understand everything because of the doubtful English translation... But the shitty translation also adds a funny touch. :p By the way, NvS was also the occasion for Don Miguel and his pals to go crazy on a teacher they've had and that they bear, known as "ALEXSUX" in the game, and who is Satan's pawn! The difficulty of the game is rather high, and you often have to struggle to survive... But that gives an old old-school and hardcore side to the game, and it's always better to play something challenging than too easy.

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