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An outcast god consumed by despair threatens to bring the world of Midgard to its knees. Aided by a ragtag group of volunteer soldiers-of-fortune and a small loyal following, he aims to establish his kingdom once more. When reason and diplomacy with the outcast deity fail, the Aesir god Loki prepares to make a final bid to halt the ambitions of the heretic. What will become of the world should he be unable to succeed?

You are Blitz Ymir, a disconnected servant to the Aesir. The god Loki has offered you a limited freedom if only you were to complete a simple task in his name. When past obligations become personal choice, will you choose to live a menial life or continue to take up the sword in the name of the gods?

Key Features:

  • Modified DBS, third place winner of the GW 2005 code-off battle system division
  • Single consistent graphical style that always feels like you are playing the same game
  • An original score not composed of commercial game music
  • Standard RPG fare gameplay: Mini games, dungeons, puzzles, and more
  • Utilizes weapon attributes to expand battle strategies (More info in the blog entry for 4-19-08).

The average length of the game is 6-8 hours long.

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