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Welcome to the Vestel... an Earth-orbiting international space station. Built after the very recent WW3, it is the core of a program, led by Dr. Tamir Sarkis, that hopes to strengthen efforts in international bonding... Yet, there must be sacrifices made for the sake of progress.

The story follows Selim Shirazi, a young biologist. When offered a chance to work on the prestigious Vestel, Selim readily accepts, as it is the career opportunity of a lifetime. But once onboard, Selim realizes the far-behind schedule project isn't what it advertised itself to be. The station itself is hardly a gleaming vision of human technological mastery, but rather a cramped, freezingly cold and somewhat decrepit hunk of metal. Selim falls severely ill his first night, and becomes alienated from most of the crew, who are all only focused on their work--after all, if the project is a success, it is an instant climb to fame and riches. As his illness spirals out of control, Selim has a bizarre series of nightmares and experiences, yet through these, Selim discovers a trail of mysteries behind the station's many locked doors. While avoiding the watchful eye of Dr. Sarkis, Selim must quickly learn who to trust to unlock the secrets at the heart of the Vestel.

Combining elements of sci-fi, surrealism, exploration, horror, drama, and adventure, Muse is a cinematic and atmospheric journey with a detailed cast of characters and a complex plot. Gameplay is based upon a classic adventure game style. The game itself draws influence from The Longing Ribbon, Pangaea Chronicles, Desert Nightmare, Backstage, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Monkey Island and Ender's Game.


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