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“Nightmares…we all have them while we sleep. I have them too. Only difference is that I have them only while I’m awake. I wish I could avoid them or at least control them. But my failed efforts indicate that I have no power over these bad dreams.”

These are the opening words of the protagonist, Jaquio, who in his opening monologue foreshadows the sort of inevitable dark affliction that will be plaguing him throughout his journey. The story begins by chronicling a mission setup by the resistance group, Chivalry, to steal a powerful weapon from a militant pseudo government, Vesta Inc. Jaquio, being one of the highest ranked soldiers in Chivalry is assigned the task of completing this operation.

The more Jaquio learns about what Vesta Inc. is doing and why they are doing it, the more Jaquio learns about his direct connection to them. Lies, deceit, mysticism and magic encompass this complicated tale about a hero trying desperately to learn about himself and his forgotten past. But the more he learns, the more he realizes that every decision he makes has dire consequences to the people he loves and even Earth itself.

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