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In this game, the world has been taken over by the E.N.S.D and eventually people started getting fed up and trying to escape. A young boy,Kendrick Mills,Treys to escape the city with two of his close friends, Jack and Mona.Unfortunately the E.N.S.D Stop Kendrick and his friends in their tracks,and kill Mona and Jack while Kendrick Joins the E.N.S.D to survive. But sadly one day an accident occurred in which Kendrick had an eye removed, one eye blind and halve his lower torso torn off.The E.N.S.D thought he will be useless(He was trained to be a professional Assassin) so they left him to die. Fortunately Some symbiont-like creature grew on him which let him live and now he has to fulfill every order the Creature orders him to do.During this he is accompanied by an Angel named Evelyn and a "Psycho angel" named Meilene.Kendrick seeks revenge on the E.N.S.D.

This is the first sequel/spin-off of AoP&P. MA 17+ Strong language Nudity Violence Extreme blood & gore. Mild suggestive themes.


Dark :: Horror :: modern :: violence :: gore :: Demo
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