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STORY: Once upon a time the World Above was at peace, because the gods themselves ruled over humankind. While they granted the gift of magic, only their most devoted servants were chosen to become Vena - vessels of the gods.

One day, a young mage enters the final trial to be judged as a future candidate. But can she master the upcoming challenges on her own?


Explore the depths of an ancient ruin, solve puzzles and find treasures! Fight turn-based battles vanquish your enemies by finding their weakness! Level up your skills to become the most powerful mage in the World Above! Learn passive abilities to even better prepare for battle!


The game is made in RPG Maker XP for IGMC 2022 ( #IGMCRebirth ) and won 40th place in People's Choice and 12th place in Jury's Choice Playtime from 10+ minutes to ca. 1 hour.

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