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Jayce and Stacy have been invited to a mysterious mansion for a party. What they find will shock you. Solve Puzzles. Kill Zombies. Collect Beverages. Drink previously mentioned beverages. Destroy property and disrespect people like a real teenager would.

Stacy is an Social Justice Warrior because it's popular, not that she believes in any of it. What she doesn't know about being an SJW she tends to make up on the spot.

Jayce is a powerful star mage. Unfortunately none of his healing magic can keep up with Stacy's destruction.

Mana is a loser with no friends. Her laser sword is 100% original.

Claude might have gotten the wrong medication at the pharmacy. Now he thinks he is Sailor Banana, guardian of justice and love.

Iggy decides to get a part time job while the IGMC preps for the summer launch.

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