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Plot When an angel and a demon have inappropriate relations with one another, the truce between heaven and hell is broken and an evil god is summoned upon the world of the mortals. Meanwhile, a hegemonic federation has surfaced and has banned the use of magic throughout the world. Our heroes from the previous game may be the only ones able to stop these horrible injustices from happening! Unfortunately, they’ve retired and are unwilling to help.

Join a new batch of zany characters as they combine forces to overthrow the meddling federation and destroy the evil war god. You’ll also meet many new and peculiar characters along the way, such as Kozoh, a defective robot that steals shit; Yaga, an unsuccessful prostitute; Palmer, a talking dog (and Gulliver’s rival); and Oggy, a citizen of the walking dead persuasion.

Protagonists Tobin – A transvestite who is destined to save the world. Afraid of weapons and hates violence. Maddy- The younger sister of Haddy. Kicked out of the Witches academy for incompetence. Bazur- A lost demon of the underworld with no way back home. Meera- A fallen angel. Banished from heaven for having certain relations with a demon.

FEATURES: -FH:SD will include the entire first game (exclusive v.1.4 extended cut). Save files from FH1 can be carried over. -Differing story routes, a total of 8 playable characters are possible. -Revamped Battle system -8 directional movement -New graphics and portraits

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TheRpgmakerAddict - postet at 2021-02-26 13:27:23 Rate Up

Another cheesy anime rpg adventure You can import the savegame with the choices and endings from the first game to continue the adventure!

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