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Galandria has fallen, the Orders have scattered throughout the Northlands under the belief that their honored Knightmaster is long dead. In the midst of the turmoil is thrust a young slave girl named Thelanea, who knows of nothing else but how to survive on her own. She is thrown into a series of unfortunate events that eventually lead to a meeting with a woman who claims to be the missing Knightmaster. Before long, events are set in motion and the search for the lost Orders begins. Will the fabled Orders rally under a single banner once more?

A great old game, prequel of In The Name of the Rose.

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TheRpgmakerAddict - postet at 2021-01-30 20:21:16 up

Until My Finest Hour – This was the prequel to In the Name of the Rose, another great fantasy game by Bloodrose. And when it was released, you needed a strong computer to handle the tons of picture effects. The presentation was over the top overdone, but this style made a lasting effect on the community. These days, you can probably run the game so it’ll be fine, if short.

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