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An old sage prophesied that in two years, the world will face mass destruction and only one woman can stop this. Two men, ALEXANDER ASHFORD and BRUCE DUNLOP make many attempts to find this woman, met with failure each time, for the sage informs them that they are not meant to find this girl... However, one evening, the sage decides to lead them to them to the one man who is... MARCUS FORD, whose life is changed forever by the fateful meeting. Joined by several others, Marcus is forced to find the demon threatening to end the world and stop it...however...he soon learn that things are not as black and white as they seem... With the world wiped clean, every living creature on it is now on an equal playing field. Will you side with the forces of light to find the new Messiah, or side with the darkness to bring forth Azazel, the Savior of all demons? Or...will you become a rebel, and overthrow both orders? Your fate is solely in your hands...

-There are three story branches in the game, RIGHTEOUS, BALANCE, and FREEDOM. There are eight total playable characters, but you can only have a party of four, and the choices you make will determine who will join your party.

RIGHTEOUS: Consists of people who are holy and pure, people who believe that the demons must be wiped clean if the Earth is to retain the order and peace it once had. They fight to find the "Chosen One," one of supreme power and goodness who will watch the world and protect it, quickly destroying anyone who threatens to cause disruption.

BALANCE: A rebel, one who decides to go against both "orders." Agree that neither humans nor demons are 100% good or evil, and believe that people should govern themselves.

FREEDOM: Individuals who believe in the freedom of the demons. Worship the demon god Azazel and anticipate his return. Those who follow him will become his right-hand men and will take part in creating a world of absolute freedom where man will do as he please, where no one will be held back by the "rules" of society any lo

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TheRpgmakerAddict - postet at 2021-01-22 15:00:59 up

A long demo of a new game that follows the steps of Onyx and Total Chaos. The game is more similar to complete Chaos, and takes visual inspiration from Shin Magami Tensei and a lost rpgmaker game, Killer7 SINdrome.

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