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This history happened in one of the sad days, when there was a strong rain... When nothing is wanted to be done, and all you can is doing nothing....and be bored because of that... or browsing Internet... and nothing can give you joy... MAZter, the main protagonist of the game, wanted to play DooM - or actually, in its multiplayer port, ZDaemon. But he havent ever imagined that a program, named Lucido, will change everything...

The game starts as MAZter is launching ZDaemon to play Doom. After playing for awhile, he suddenly realized that everything in the game became reality. Thinking of it as another bug of the game he decides to go forward to find an exit from this level and encounters a zombieman. Killing him, MAZter found that the wound he received in battle hurts. Unable to explain this thing, MAZter goes forward, killing zombies he encounters. His next tough battle was on the map, which resembles E1M8, with the Baron of Hell. Slaying the Baron MAZter meets Atreju, another doomer who has also found himself in the same situation as MAZter. After some discussion, MAZter realizes that this unexplainable thing is somehow connected with program named Lucido....

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