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Imagine if you will that we live in two worlds at once, one being The Light and the other being Darkness. Well we actually do 12 hours of every day. But what if we were trapped in one or the other and couldn't live in the other? In this story just that happens. But it only happens to twins. One set of those twins ends up a King, one of the Light the other of the Darkness. Now to complicate the matter, one of the Kings has a daughter (The King of Darkness called Hagar) that can't live in the Dark and must have Light to live. So she is sent off to live with her uncle (The King of Light called Oden) and is raised not knowing her real father. On the 19th year of her birth her real father takes a turn for the worse (not illness, just worse) and decides he wants her back. So he takes her. If she is in Darkness much longer she may grow weaker or even die....Her name is Twilight. So begins the Search For Twilight. Enjoy!

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