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For as long as Dak could remember, life had been nothing more than a tedious and mundane task. He was raised in Draavost, the only town to survive the Great War, by his mother. The two of them had been alone since Dak's father left to explore the Outside and never returned. But, after his village is destroyed, Dak must follow in his father's footsteps and venture Outside. There he discovers a world where, in fact other villages do thrive. Not only that, but massive cities fueled by energy derived from ancient stones called the Runestones cover the countryside. Unfortunately, these stones are the object of Dak's quest, pitting him against a powerful government weilding vast technology.

Through intricate plot twists and surprise reversals, Dak will begin to question who his allies really are. The government agents Dak fights against are no more evil than the revolutionaries that aid him. This game emphasizes the point that no history or belief can be passed on without it becoming jaded toward the point of view of those that write it and keep it, and that greed and the desire for advancement can produce great good, and great evil.


  • a unique Skill system (once the Runestones are obtained)

  • original graphics and chipsets.

  • intricate story line involving many characters.

  • a unique twist on an old storyline.

Characters (not all will be listed to keep from spoiling the plot)


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