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Eine Tetris-Umsetzung für den RM2k von Laughy. Entstand ursprünglich 2001 im Rahmen eines Tetris-Contests auf Don Miguels RPG-Maker-Webseite. Dieses Spiel gewann den Wettbewerb, wurde später aber noch umfassend erweitert.

I also took many hours developing my own version of Tetris, which I attempted to make much like the original. Check that out!

Version History:

Tetris V2.0- You must download to see. I would not be able to list all the changes. V1.4- New SMOOTH fast mode added (when you press down)! Level 6 has also been fixed and is now a little faster than Level 5. V1.3a- BRAND NEW music/sound effect selection menu added! Also some major bug fixes. Must Download! V1.2 - Some bug fixes as well as a smaller file size. V1.1 - First release of Tetris, winner of Don's Tetris contest.

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