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The game 'The Adventures of Robercleiton TURBO' (Las Aventurietas del Robercleiton TURBO) is a comedy RPG game.

The story goes around Robercleiton, a common RTP character trying to become a great Hero. He then finds out about the worst enemies of humanity, the organization called Caras Com Futuro (Guys who Have a Future) and their plans for world domination.

He then becomes a master in the ancient art of Mole Fu. This ancient art of the Goddess Mole helps him find the true way of a RPG Hero. He learns about the Caras Cem Fohturo (Guys who Have no Future), an organization created to stop the evil CCF's plans.

With the help of Claudinei (A good CCF Zordon version of Tom Hanks) he and his friends can become the CCF Rangers and can use their special abilities to fight against this evil menace.

This game may/or may not contain bad Dragon Ball Z RPGMaker references, Giant Robots, Kung Fu, terrible Run Time Package Heroes, a Huge Toilet and lots of lame jokes. You have been warned.

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