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Two unlikely heroes set sail across the ocean sea seeking the ultimate treasure, a ship known as the Silver Crescent. Duck, and his eager Scout Penguin, stumble across the first of their treasures in one of a series of caves, a small statue holding the ship becomes their first discovery. What the pirates come to learn is that those who disrupt the sacred ground become cursed, for the statue holding the ship is the Crescent Guardian, a being brought to life to make sure the Legend remains for all eternity.

Through every step of the journey the guardian will follow the pirates, and every creature nearby form swarms and legions because of the curse, this is where you come in. It's time to blast your way through each level, one by one until you recover all of the treasures that combine to create the final ship form: The Silver Crescent, only then will the curse be lifted and peace be restored to this odd duo.

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