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Legion Saga III is a fantasy game set in a medieval world on the brink of war. It is regarded as one of the classic games of the early 2k era, like it's prequels, Legion Saga and Legion Saga II. It follows the story of Kima, a disgraced warrior who decides to restore his homeland to its former glory. Difficulties arise, though, when another faction within the country rise up and causes a civil war at the same time as the country is under siege. With a large cast of characters, the game was quite well-received by most people.

Legion Saga III was made in RM2K and focuses on creating an experience similar to the Suikoden series of games, where collecting an army of people together in order to wage war against a corrupt government is a staple. Many people enjoyed the fresh twist it gave to typical jRPG stories, of which there are many.

The graphics are a mix of RTP, custom and rips, and the clash of graphics can be quite a bit disconcerting sometimes. This is a symptom of the time in which it was made, though, as most attention was focussed on the story and systems of the game instead of looks. The game boasts three types of battle systems - normal jRPG battles, one-on-one duels and larger-scale war battles. There was also a card game included in some versions, though it appears that version is lost to time. It also has a save carry feature with the second game of the series, allowing unlockable secrets when you copy your save file from Legion Saga II (which can lead to extra unlockable secrets if the save file from Legion Saga was carried over as well).

If you can get past the clash of graphics and some of the out-dated design sensibilities you may find yourself enjoying the game quite a bit.

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