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Pokemon Metal takes place in the Arala region. Professor Oak has just moved to the protagonist's hometown, Moon City. He invites the player to his new laboratory, and gives him/her their first Pokemon and a Pokedex. Professor Oak sends the player on a quest to challenge the 8 gyms of Arala and the Pokemon League, while catching as many Pokemon as possible along the journey.

On the journey, the protagonist meets a lot of different people, and hears stories about Arala's mysterious past. A lot of important characters do their best to explain these mysteries, but always end up missing a few pieces of the puzzle.

The protagonist also runs into three different criminal organizations, whose plans remain secret for the majority of the journey. What are they after? Are they connected with each other? Are they working together?


  • A completely new, huge region;
  • All Pokemon obtainable!;
  • A lot of events after the Pokemon League (big postgame);
  • 3 rivals;
  • Half-open world;
  • WoW-like quest system;
  • Changed evolution methods for Pokemon that need to be traded;
  • A lot of areas to investigate (Caves, mountains, islands, etc.);
  • Offline Wonder Trade;
  • Mega Evolution;
  • 3 criminal organizations (Team Rocket, Team Aqua & Team Magma).
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