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Review by Justin:

Hyped after playing MA: DC, I instantly got into MA2. Dan Laurikietis sure knows how to make games! Both titles were enjoyable to the fullest extent. Enough of that already, let's get into the review. This time around, you are Zak. He works for a huge conglomerate and leads a tedious life, wishing for adventure everyday... Well, he gets that wish, under circumstances he didn't ask for, when he becomes the Midnight Talos, a becomes Zak's mentor and friend, teaching him the way of the Midnight Avenger, the new avenger of course. Complete with futuristic costume to fit the futuristic setting. Futuristic setting. Man that was fresh. I don't see many RpgMaker games set in the future. Well some were, but poorly made. Dan made this one work. And on top of that, it was actually a full game! Not just a demo, which was great! Overall, without spoiling the gameplay, I really enjoyed this game a lot. I would place it on my top 5 Rpg's, along with MA:DC of course ;)

  • STORYLINE: 10/10 - GOOD: I even liked this one better than the MA:DC!!! The futuristic setting was incredibly fresh. You don't see that much. Also each character had their own problems and situations. - BAD: I had no qualls with the storyline (a game will always do good in my reviews unless the game doesnt have one or it's really repetive)
  • COMBAT: 7/10 - GOOD: Combat was much more balanced this time around. - BAD: I's like to see some strategy in the combat. Nothing majorly wrong though.
  • Difficulty: (out of 5) 3/5 - Perfectly balanced.
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