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Lerthule is a heroic fantasy type RPG created by Ayruliné, and which has been finished in 2000. Although interesting, the game has a few major flaws. First of all, the graphics of the game are composed of rips from various commercial games and other RPG Maker resources, which doesn't help it to have a unique look. Moreover, different graphic styles are mixes, which is a gross mistake, although commin in amateur creations. For example, Mathelos, one of the game heroes (he's the knight that can be seen in the 3rd screenshot on the right), has a much smaller head that other characters, due to the fact his sprites comes from Chrono Trigger. Another example: goblins appear as lizard men on the map, but not during battles. Ayruliné probably didn't find any goblin sprites for the map, or just didn't want to bother. By the way, the game has musics taken from various commercial video games, but that's a quite common thing in RPG Maker games. Another big weak point: the game is rather short, its ending has been rushed and is really not satisfactory. At the time, RPG Maker 2000 just got released, and Ayruliné decided to cut Lerthule 1 short so as to make a sequel for it with RPG Maker 2000... But he never did it.

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