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The game tells a story about Hollows, a scarecrow never attending the celebration of Halloween, and a young girl, Mia, whose family travels to Uncle Bismar's estate to spend Halloween. This but which is a pefect place to feed the rich imagination of young Mia.


Avoid the ghosts and other creatures of the same ilk. You have 3 Life Points, presented as pumpkins on top left corner of your screen. If you faint from damage received, you may use a "Continue" option, in case you are currently playing through a level. You can use a "Continue" for 9 times. "Continue" cannot be used at the playability bits outside of the actual Levels. Levels are a kind of "restricted" gameplay areas, that you need to accomplish as fast as you can, and taking as little damage as possible. They start When you see a countdown, and end when you have accomplished the goal of the particular level. Collecting a small pumpkin rewards you 1 point of Life and cuts 10 seconds from the time elapsed.

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