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The world is largely unknown to its inhabitants of our kind. Mankind is only a tiny race struggling to survive and exist on the surface of their world. As the bottom of the food chain, they've set out to live in what they call Colonies, small regions they've locked themselves into, varying between cities built inside mountains, beneath or on the surface of the seas, and some daringly in the middle of bald, plain terrain, confined by huge walls towering high above their heads. Why they are living in here is because there is no stepping outside those Colonies, for on the other side of those walls awaits nefarious nature, striving to wipe off their existence parasites, if you will. Even if those walls are barely enough to hold off the worst, it doesn't hold off those other inhabitants of this atmosphere, those known as the Beasts. The humans are one of the natural nourishments for the Beast-kind, which is diverse in species, all specialized to hunt in different ways, all with a common goal: to consume and to survive. This is not the only threat to the inhabitants of the Colonies, but the clearest one: the one coming from the outside. What exists inside, diseases such as Miasma; deception and scheming; conspiracies; assassins, and other various methods one is willing to take to ensure self-survival.

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