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  • Greetings,

    My name is Anyon175, I'm a brazilian(Brasilianer) Maker.

    I know most of you may speak german, but perhaps I can participate in discussions that are RPGMaker related. (Well, that or I might need to start learning german fast).

    I really like RPGMaker games, in the sense that through them I saw many cultures and different Makers. Many of the RPGMaker games I played were not brazilian. Some were english (Legion Saga, A Blurred Line, The Way), some were in german (Vampires Dawn, Velsarbor), others were italian (Theory of the Order, Fifth Era) and even japanese (With-Walker/Romancing Walker, Seraphic Blue).

    I don't know much of the german RPGMaker games as perhaps most of you don't know much of the Brazilian RPGMaker games (Hell, even I don't know much of Brazilian games). But I would like to be part of the forums if possible and contribute in some way to this RPGMaker Community.

    I also like CRPGs like Baldur's Gate, Rage Of Mages/Allods and The Witcher, some JRPGs like Persona, Suikoden, Chrono Trigger, and watch a little bit of Anime like Akira, Cowboy Bebop and Berserk. I'm also a programmer.

    Hope I can get to know you guys and what RPGMaker games are your favorite.

  • Hello and welcome. Glad you like RPG Maker games. That's what the site is all about after all. Not sure though, how you are planning to participate in the current RM discussions, which are written in german. Maybe start specific RM discussion threads, you wanna talk about in english (again) ? Concerning RPG Maker games, I only know german games as well as a few english ones. So no idea what portuguese, italian, japanenese, etc. showcase projects there are internationally. As for my favorites... there are a lot of games I enjoy. Most of them are german. Among my favorite english games are "Super Pokémon - Eevee Edition" , "Super Mario RPG - The Seven Sages" , "Super Mario RPG - Starlite Worlds" , "HOME" , "Diary of a Madman" , "Pokémon Nightmare 2 - Invasion" , "Polymorphous Perversity" and "Götterdämmerung - Twilight of the Gods".

    Peperoni edited at 4 years ago
  • Ich spreche besser in Englisch. Mein Deutsch wird schlimmer als ein Kind. Aber ich würde mit dir sprechen, danach übersetzen. Gute Spiele. Bitte erzähl mir auch von den deutschen Spielen.

  • Welcome to rmarchiv.tk, hope you have a good stay.

    Feel free to submit some games, even if they are not German (or even English), we are mostly focusing on German currently but please get everything up here you find relevant :).

  • Hey Ghabry,

    Thank you. I'm still getting used to the website and uploading games (I'm having issues to post Screens in games I already uploaded, I'm probably doing something wrong). I'm planning on making a post (most probably in English) about the games I have been uploading so far.

    Anyways, thanks again. :)

  • Thanks. No problem if you mess something up, we can still fix stuff afterwrads.

    Do you need any additional languages? I saw that you often used "Multiple langs".

    I will ask ryg to add Spanish and Portuguese.

    Sometimes screenshots are not shown immediately. Try clearing your browser cache and reload the page.

    Ghabry edited at 3 years ago
  • Hey Ghabry,

    Thanks again, I mostly added Portuguese (Brazilian) games for now, but I also added one english game (Kindred Saga BS), one italian game (Genesis SaGa: Pandora's Box) and one japanese game (WITH-WALKER).

    Also, don't worry, no more japanese games for now. :)

    EDIT: Oh by the way, I think I really messed something up because I added a new Developer for the game 'Genesis SaGa: Pandora's Box' but when I tried to remove the developer I created before it gave an internal error message.

    anyon175 edited at 3 years ago
  • The new languages are added now.

    Don't worry about 500. that's not your fault, the site is still in development and has bugs everywhere :D

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