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  • Analog zu Peppes Verschollene Spiele Thread hier die englische Variante basierend auf rpgmaker.net

    Achtung: Die Liste ist noch unvollständig und enthält momentan nur Spiele, die laut archive.org von der RMN-Seite gelöscht wurden. Einträge, die noch existieren, aber tote, externe Downloadlinks haben, fehlen daher noch (der Server von denen ist echt lahm und bin noch nicht mit crawlen fertig)

    (Semiautomatisch generiert)

    • A Chained Destiny Link
    • AFTERMATH - Version 0.5 Link
    • A Grim Tale Link
    • A New World Link
    • Aradiah Link
    • Arbor's Eve Link
    • Aria: The Last Days Link
    • Assassination Link
    • Astral Transparency: Cole's Gate Link
    • Asylum of pleasure & pain Link
    • A Two-Winged Dragon Link
    • A Warrior's Tale (Demo) v0.5bProduction Link
    • Bahamut Link
    • Barret Wallace: Doin' Thangs! Link
    • Ben Dowler's Pro Whaling 2012 Link
    • Bugs! Link
    • Changing Fate Link
    • Child's Light Link
    • Clever RPG Link
    • Dark Force Link
    • Darkness Shall Bleed Link
    • Darkseed: Revival Link
    • Deep Fried Questing GrindProduction Link
    • Doble Filo Link
    • Don't Go OutCompleted Link
    • Dragon Fantasy: My Hero Link
    • Echo Zone Link
    • Elfinlore Dark Elf Murader Link
    • Eling Link
    • Ever Blue Link
    • FaithProduction Link
    • Fatal Promise Link
    • Fat Schwombo's Castle Link
    • Fey Link
    • Final Fantasy: Echoes of the Past Link
    • **Final Fantasy IV VX ** Link
    • Final ResonanceProduction Link
    • Forgotten Majesty Link
    • Ghost Shards: Stonesinger Link
    • Gio Adventures: Chronicles Link
    • Gio: Eras Link
    • Glitch Link
    • Graceless Reminisce Link
    • Gunlore Link
    • Hack Saga Link
    • Headfirst For HalosProduction Link
    • Help Center Link
    • House of Nightmares Link
    • Illuminated Badassery 3: Redemption Link
    • Imaginative RealityCancelled Link
    • Incarnate: A Lephesu ApologueHiatus Link
    • IParadise Gaiden II : The Robotic Threat Link
    • IParadise Gaiden : The Castle of Remembrance Link
    • IParadise : Life Zone Link
    • Jays Journey Link
    • Kanye Quest 3030 Link
    • Kingdom Hearts: Mushroom Kingdom Link
    • Kingdom - The Clans II Link
    • Knights & Dragons Link
    • Kolmesarta Link Neue Version ist "Super Mario Enigmatic"
    • Labyrinthine Dreams Link
    • Last Day Link
    • Legacy of Yggdrasil Link
    • Lihtan Link
    • Link's Point-and-Click Adventure Link
    • Lyra Link
    • MageQuest 3: Alien Planet (Version 1.0) Link
    • Magequest ICompleted Link
    • Mean Old French Gold Link
    • Naruto Secret of the kyubii Link
    • Necropolis Link
    • Number Link
    • Outcast of Sentinel Link
    • Over the Pacific-1944 Link
    • Pale Echoes Link
    • Paradox: The Beginning Link
    • Paranorma Beta 1.0 Link
    • Philadelphia Link
    • Pimp Link
    • Pirates: The Legend of the Silver Crescent Link
    • Poemon Trinity Link
    • Pokemon Hunter 2: Hostility Link
    • Pokemon Hunter 3: The Search for Curly's Gold Link
    • Poley and Waffle: War for the wonder Blocks Link
    • PongXpCompleted Link
    • Project DOAD Link
    • Puyo Puyo VS Link
    • Reincarnation - Dawn of War Link
    • Relic Link
    • Resident Evil : în primul rând Link
    • Resident Evil: Project X Link
    • RPG Maker VX Template Project Link
    • Sacred Shadow's Link
    • Sanctum Security, Colors of War Link
    • Saratorus - Between Light and Shadow Link
    • Secrets of the Light Link
    • **Shadows of Evil: Wings of Time Deluxe ** Link
    • Silent Hill Revelations Link
    • Silly Ninja Kingdom Hearts 3 Link
    • SimTopia Online Link
    • sonic and mario demo Link
    • Sprits Of Life Link
    • Starbucks Tales Vol 1 Link
    • Stonesearch Link
    • Super Mario RPGX Link
    • Tales Of Worlds 2 Link
    • Tales Of Worlds Link
    • Tales Of Worlds Remix Link
    • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Link
    • The 3 Hour Project Link
    • The Adventure of High School Students Link
    • The Adventures of Halmoore 2: Roots of LifeCompleted Link
    • The Dead Chronicles - Night (Demo) Link
    • The Epitome of Anima Link
    • The Legend of The Seven Seals: The Origin Link
    • The Legend of Zelda : Final Apocalypse Link
    • The Legend of Zelda: The Heroes Chronicles Link
    • The legend of zelda:the withered spirit Link
    • The Portal of Destiny (Version 1.5) Link
    • The Room Link
    • The World Between Link
    • Third Rift Link
    • Variable Village Link
    • Vigour of the Fellowship(Demo) Link
    • Walking The Plank Link
    • Walk It OffCompleted Link
    • Watergate Scandals: The Video Game Link
    • When The Bell Tolls Link
    • Yoke of Pwnage Link
    • Yzal Chronicles Link
    • Zephyr Dreams Vx Link
    • Zombie Survival Link

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  • Hab mal über die Liste drübergeschaut und welche entdeckt, die auf RMA gesichert wurden:

    • Alex's Scar
    • Aorta - Not another classical refmap RPG
    • Fat Schwombo's Castle
    • Miracle on RTP Street Classic
    • Origin (von Merte)
    • Return Of The Yeti
    • Till Death Do Us Part

    Folgende Spiele habe ich noch auf dem Rechner. Kann ich bei Gelegenheit hier hochladen:

    • Marvel Brothel -> done
    • Baby Jesus Christ RPG -> done
    • Jesus Christ RPG -> done
    • Rise Jesus Christ RPG -> done

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  • So, mal Liste aufgeräumt, nachfolge Einträge entfernt:

    Auf RMN

    • Age of Fantasy Link
    • Armored Beta 1.0 Link
    • Demon's Gate Link
    • Feral Solidarity Link
    • Final Tear 3 Link
    • Final Tear 3 Director's Cut Link
    • Giadon Saga Link
    • Hellucination V1.3 Link
    • Koopa Reign of Terror Link
    • Legionwood 2 Link
    • Naruto & Naruto Shippuuden Link
    • Oceanus Selene Link
    • Provolone Link
    • Skinwalker Link
    • Sore Losers Link
    • Tales from Zilmurik IV Link
    • Tetra Master Link
    • Tiamat Sacrament: Tactics Minigame Link
    • VXA Pantomime: FFVI Link
    • Wild Wings 2 Link
    • Wild Wings Link
    • Your Star Link

    Andere Gründe

    • The Legend Of Zelda Link Die archive.org Seite ist leer und der Titel generisch

    Auf rmarchiv.tk

    • Alex's Scar Link
    • Aorta - Not another classical refmap RPG Link
    • Marvel Brothel Link
    • Megaman Battle NetworkRPG Link
    • Miracle on RTP Street Classic Link
    • Return Of The Yeti Link
    • Rise Jesus Christ RPG Link
    • Till Death Do Us Part Link

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  • Auf rpgmakerarchive.net gab es einen Mediafire Link zu Pirates: The Legend of the Silver Crescent (Danke Leana für den Hinweis). -> hochgeladen

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  • Hi Ghanby, Hi Peperoni, Thank You for mentioning this site on EasyRPG, it's really cool to see so much work being put towards perserving rpgmaker games that can no longer be found anywhere else. Please keep up the good work! I'll try to spread the word around on RMN.

    EDIT: I apologize, I don't speak German. Is the most recent compiled list by Ghabry all that's missing? i.e. Tales of Zilmurik IV, Sore Losers, Provolone, Final Tear 3.

    If so, I'll see if I can get in touch with the creators. Thank you for all your hard work!

    lordbluerouge edited at 4 years ago
  • No, you translated this wrong. That's the list of stuff that I found on rpgmaker.net, therefore I removed it from the list in the 1st post. :)

    All games I list in the first post are the ones we search.

    I also have a list of games available on rpgmaker.net that only provide external download links. I wanted to manually go through that list and figure out which games have dead download links. Though havn't started this yet, when I did it I will provide another search list.

    Thanks for your support. If you find any of the listed games (or any other rare game that is not on rpgmaker.net) feel free to upload them here :).

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  • Understood! Thanks for the clarification! :D I'll edit this post with an uploads I'm able to manage.

    lordbluerouge edited at 4 years ago
  • You're welcome. Thanks likewise for the support, lordbluerouge.

  • lordbluerouge told me to look through his rmn archive and I was able to find:

    • Dooms 3 - Rough day Link
    • Dooms 4 - End Game Link
    • Dragon Warrior IV: Renaissance Link
    • Eyes Without a Face Link
    • Fire God Saga Link
    • Origin Link
    • Rainbow Nightmare Chapter 1 Link
    • Soldier's Quest Link
    • Sonic Adventure Rpg Demo Link

    Removed them from the list. Will upload & tag them in a month. As I'm currently busy. But I have them locally :)

  • Awesome. Allerdings befinden sich zwei von diesen neun Spielen schon im RMArchiv und zwar Dragon Warrior IV - Renaissance und Origin.

  • Hier ist mal eine neue Liste. Das sind Spiele die 2019 auf RMN waren, aber seitdem verschwunden sind. Vllt hat die jemand oder findet sie? Die gute Nachricht: Verschwunden sind 126. Abgesehen von den gelisteten habe ich ALLE :)

    • Because We're Here ~Mohnblume und Blauerose~ Link
    • Bella's Mansion: Director's Cut Link
    • Border of Whimsicality Link
    • Giniro Mori Link
    • Girl of Dreams Link
    • In the Dark Link
    • Legrand Legacy Link
    • Liteventure: I wanna be the hero Link
    • Mafiosi 2 Link Ich habe Teil 2 aber nicht Teil 1, den gabs da auch
    • Mystery Dorm 2 Link
    • Mystery Dorm 3 Link
    • Mystery Dorm Link
    • Night of Awakening Link
    • Okurete Sumimasen Link
    • Omega Mega Dragon Story Link
    • Quick Quest Link
    • Rave Heart Link
    • Side Project - Survival Horror Tech Demo Link
    • To Find Mysel Link
    • Ultimate Dungeon Monsters (Demo Available!) Link
    • Under the Tree Link (Davon hab ich nur den "Difficulty Patch")

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