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"Eheb Saga - Droughtlock" is an action-RPG set in an apocalyptic dark fantasy world.

I made a large part of the content completely myself: especially graphics and music.

In top-down view, you fight your way through dark dungeons and defeat powerful divine beings.


A legendary war between the civilizations of old Eheb & the angst-ridden gods has consequences: the region of the former imperial capital is enclosed by a magical barrier from which no one can escape & which has made the land dry and barren. This curse, the Droughtlock, has had a tight grip on the few residents for the last 10 years.

Perhaps the inconspicuous well-maiden Vinnagan can aid to bring the divine tears & water the land again.


Rla, the city of cities, is a shadow of past greatness & former center of empire. Since their foundation 6000 years ago, the empresses, isolated from the outside world, ruled as secret puppet masters in the Crystal Palace. With the closure of the city & the adjacent landscapes by the Droughtlock curse, a chapter of human history comes to an end.

The throne is orphaned for the first time. The last empress is probably dead or was in another part of the country before the isolation.


Vinnagan: The heroine of the journey. Retrieved from the dead, wrapped in the rags of a well slave & equipped with no memories of her life so far, the combative woman sets out to break the barricade, kill the monsters & gather the pitiful remains of a once great civilization in the ruins of the city.

Venn: The old immortal named Venn was trapped in the city by the curse before he could complete the ritual that was supposed to elevate him to a froth. But nothing can tarnish the grandeur and courageousness of this veteran swordman. He would like to pass on his knowledge of the art of living of the immortals. Otherwise, he can help to deepen character traits (level up). He is probably the owner of the well slave Vinnagan.

Kelnoth: The friendly, simple knitted blacksmith of Rla. He was kidnapped some time ago by the heinous creature Naher Barathron & has since been imprisoned in the dilapidated garrison. In Freedom, Kelnoth sells you equipment & helps you forge more powerful weapons. He is as deaf as a brick.

And many more...


The Immortals: the legendary ghosts of the imperial robber barons. Difficult to kill. Immortals can wear heavy armor. They Fight with strength-weapons. Have a spell that will make them almost invincible for a short time. Get the Frozen Novice-Cape to transcend through some walls.

The Bedouins: the insidious nomads of the north. They start with a lot of stamina & high attack value. They are trained to encounter wild medicinal grass. Bedouins can only wear light armor and wield dexterity-weapons. Purchase the grab hook to climb some cliffs. Bedouins are able to dash the furthest.

The Ghouls: Who fights the overpopulation in the Empire's cemeteries? >That's right, gravedigger-cannibals. They always get a second chance. Gather 10% more essence from slain enemies. Have three different spells from the start. They wear medium armor & fight with dexterity-weapons. Buy the grenade pocket to destroy debris which blocks your path. Ghouls are able to use auras, but begin the journey without a shield.


*Genre: Action RPG

*Theme: Dark Fantasy, Occultism

*Language: English

*Duration: 3 to 4 hours

*Features: Deep action combat system,

fight, dash, dodge, block, heal, use magic,

compact, "open world-ish" game world,

demanding level of difficulty,

gloomy atmosphere,

humor (?),

three different classes,

free your traders one by one,

7 bosses,

crack the high score (!),

non-linear story,

many secrets,

some puzzels,

upgrade weapons & spells.

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