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From the author's website:

"The first think you need to know when playing Baldy's Big Day is to not take anything seriously. It's just a silly little RPG that pokes fun at just about everything. It's very light humour, so don't expect lots of swearing and dirty jokes (not that I'm opposed to swearing and dirty jokes, I love the stuff, it's just not what this game is about). The truth is, I started BBD just to see what I could do in RPG Maker '95, and just never stopped. I had no plans whatsoever when starting the game, the only thing I knew was that the game was called Baldy's Big Day. From there, I worked to where I am today, over two years later. Don't pass this game up just because it's on RPG Maker 95, and not 2k. You'll be missing out on a very good game. Or pass it up if you want, I don't care. Go download one of those crappy RM2K games and whine about how much it sucks instead. Just remember that you could be playing BBD, and whining about how much it sucks. You're a real whiner, you know that. Maybe you should just grow up and stop being so negative.

BBD is the story of Baldy (see Characters section for intimate details) and his big day, hence the title. But seeing as the game takes place over many days, the title doesn't really hold up. Oh well. One day, Baldy wakes up, and sits down to a nice breakfast with his wife Kathy. He's looking forward to whatever it is he does during the day as he goes out to check his mail. But wait! Something's worng (other than my spelling)! His yard is completely flooded! What could have caused this? Luckily, Colonel Dad shows up and coincidentally brought a boat with him. They immediately set out on a quest to find the culprit of the mysterious yard-flooding. General hilarity ensues."

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